These Curious Thoughts – Inventing Dr. Sutherland and His Traveling Hospital (2014)

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First, I need to APOLOGIZE to my good friend Jim Radford for this delay in reviewing: I just forgot it. Nevertheless, as promised, here is it and I may tell you one thing: this record is fucking awesome. Excellent from first to last song, with catching on the first listening.

Honestly, These Curious Thoughts is a progressive rock band with folk that must be listened, because it blends perfectly of folk, neofolk and prog rock, pushing from old to new school influences.

The album starts with “The Dark Room” sounding as a 70s prog bands with a generous touch of psychedelia. “Inventing Dr. Sutherland and His Traveling Hospital” is a lysergic pop, captivating, passing through the indie and folk influences. “Diagnosis” continues the same footprint of the previous track, but adds a very strong melodic beauty, bringing a jazzy mix. “Jupiter’s Baby” is a good psychedelic ballad that easily pleased Pink Floyd fans. “Purple Godzilla” is a tasteful funky rock, with much swing and energy.

“Born Again” draws a pop rock pattern, with a bit of psychedelia with good rhythm guitars. “Locked up in Chains” breathes acid rock with prog tones, with some Yes flavors, less eccentric and more direct.  With a mix between British folk rock and American country, “Backpack Full of Tears” seems as a Western movie score. “Choking on the Walls pleased me no much; perhaps it repeats a pop structure or a melodic chain that I listened in the other songs before.”Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” is a classical British neofolk, sounding a a lot like Death in June, mainly because the vocals. It’s my favorite song on this release.

The neofolk vibe continues in “Dirty Windows”, as a mix between the pop of previous songs and the folkish melodies. In “An Ocean Song” the pop backs in a melancholic mood.  “Sirens” starts very slowly and then get tribal drums and some psych melodies. “My Ashes” looks like the old songs of the 60s, bringing us a very exciting song with catchy chorus. This epic ends with “Sacrifice”, a little “unhappy” compared to the first songs, but pretty sure the rest of the release.

Overall, it’s a great piece. There are some problems here and there on some songs, the final balance is positively stunning and must be listened on repeat.

And Jim, sorry me for  took so long time to write this review.