I Shall Move the Earth – Blueprints MMXIII

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Surfing in the internet, I found a particular band from Netherlands, with a different sound, not what you normally listen in metal bands, I Shall Move the Earth is he name. I have to say that I’m really impressed with their first release, is simple music with a great atmosphere, isn’t hard to comprehend their songs (and at the same time it is) and its so magnificent because of the simplicity they brought to us.

The band gives us with the three tracks EP, Blueprints MMXII, that unfortunately let us expecting more and more when its over. Without sound unnecessary and exaggerated, the songs complemente themselves and at the same time they work so good by itself. What we see here is a banda one step ahead and it is one of many reasons I love independent bands, they play what they play, over and end.

Starting with the song “Mind’s I”, from here we can see what to expect from Blueprints MMXIII, the synths do a great work here, the song excites us with some kind of Melodic Black Metal, everything fits perfectly, nothing is out of the context, the riffs, the vocals, the drums, everythin is where have to be, nothing more and nothing less. The EP starts with the right foot and this song is already enough to me to love the music of the band. We have clean vocals too and the initial riff repeats himself sometimes in the music and it is so great, because isn’t a boring or annoying riff, is a enjoyable and captivate one.

Blueprints of the Divine is the next track, starting with a spoken part and going to a “classic” Black Metal idea, with a harsh riffing and strong drum parts without lost his mark, this song shows the competente work that the band does, we have more clean vocals and the synths parts that for me, made total difference in the music.


And now we are coming to an end, Absolution (in the Eyes of the Universe) closes this chapter, and in my humble opinio, is the best song of the EP, their masterpiece. It keeps the best of the first and second tracks and bring us more. Everything is coherent and clear, I Shall Move the Earth showed himself a competent and great band, we can see the evolution through the songs and its great. The band sent me the EP Blueprints MMXIII and I can’t stop to listen this, I have it in my iPod and have listening this in some kind of endless loop. The only weak point that I can say is: Only three tracks (and is the reason that I’m not giving the maximum score), I have a will for more, I hope for a full-length soon.

If you wanna listen a great band, choose I Shall Move the Earth. Download the EP for free (link below) and have your own musical travel. Keep with the excellent work guys.


Bandcamp (Download the EP)