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Why the band ended its activities after the release of L’empire Des Sens?

VVA : The principal reason was the fact that the manager of the German label Last Episode was a shark. Last Episode was a rip-off : it was a very hard situation for us cause this guy never paid the bands, some studios, etc. We have given all our energy to make this album becoming real but after that we were so disgusted by all this mess. We had to do a break and that’s what we have done…for 7 years.

“Trance :N: Dance” was quite a departure from your earlier material. What brought about the changes that allowed you to incorporate industrial/electronic style into your music?

VVA : We didn’t want to do 2 times the same album. And by chance VoA VoXyD and me have followed the same musical evolution : the electronic substance was something we had to incorporated to the AD INFERNA music. And as you noticed, there is one rule we always respect : we create what we want. We never respect codes, lines or principles. We were free to progress on the way which is ours now. And Trance:N:Dance was the first step of this evolution.

This album has the basic instruments (bass, drums and guitars), but it is not exactly Industrial Metal. It’s electronic music with a more organic approach. Why did you guys decide to follow later as a duo without bass, without real drums and few guitars?

VVA : In fact, Trance:N:Dance is a good album for me but not exactly what I was dreaming on. Something is missing…. perhaps a more personal touch. We wanted to keep the original line-up but it means to go in a studio with a sound engineer. That’s for me the “negative” point on this album cause we couldn’t do exactly what we wanted as it was the case on “There Is No Cure” or “Opus 7 : Elevation” by example.

That’s the reason why we decided to work as a duo on the next productions to compose, record, mix and master all the tracks by ourselves and to control all the steps of the creation of our music.

Your interest in electronic music and pop was evidenced in Seth with a Depeche Mode cover. It was your idea to record this cover?

Exactly. I had in mind a cover of the Sisters of Mercy or Depeche Mode. It was my idea too to ask to the Goa Trance Project “Total Eclipse” to join us on this track.

Your works with Seth are memorable. The debut is a gem of Atmospheric Black Metal. What do you remember of that time and how would you evaluate those stuffs today?

Thanks for these nice words. I remember a time where Black Metal was a great way to express yourself, the music played by many of the bands was true, involved, sometimes extreme, sometimes melancholic or depressive but always sincere.

Honestly, I don’t like to listen to the music I’ve done in the past but sometimes, the occasion makes that I see a video, or rediscovers old tracks I sang on. I’m overall proud of the works I’ve done with SETH. This was so many years ago… this adventure began in 1995. The positives points are by example the fact I wrote all the lyrics of the most successful album “Les Blessures de l’Ame” exclusively in French. I was really happy that an album written in my own language could be an international reference for the extreme metal scene.

I remember too all the great moments I had with Norvegian musicians each time I went to Fenris (Darkthrone) home…. Some things you live one time in your life.

The last point was to leave the band I’ve created before the musical direction changes and didn’t fit at all with my tastes. Something I have never regretted !!!

What is the current state of the musical genre known as black metal? How much do you identify with the underground scene nowadays?

I’m sorry to say that…. But all I’ve heard recently is so boring. But perhaps I didn’t had the chance to listen to good ones. I will wait for the new Dodheimsgard cause Aldrahn is back on track.

This is not black metal but the new Behemoth sounds so “extreme”… I like that. I need something true and all the actual productions always sounds to me as copies of things I’ve ever heard before. Where is  the innovation ?

The latest album from Ad Inferna is the most different of its career. It seems to be influenced more by Synthpop than EBM and Dark Electro. And has a Gothic touch. What influenced this new way?

« Im-Mortelle » is a “synthpop” album to me, you’re right. Perhaps we need something “sweeter” after “Ultimum Omnium” who was more aggressive and drastic. VoA VoXyD send me some tracks and I felt he wanted to do an album with a great electronic sound, something spatial, with black and white lights, sensual and even so colder than ever. We imagined a trip into the constellations and until the last track, you can’t say if this story is real or if that’s the creation of a mad’s mind.

Your soulful performance on Moira is just amazing and very catchy. The breathy vocals translated the lust of the lyrics. It is because of this intimacy that you still haven’t performed live with Ad Inferna?

Thank you to understand me as I’m !!! You’re right. On each of the vocal parts I do, I give a part of my intimacy, of my sadness and of the secret garden I hide so hard. I’ve stopped playing live in 1998 … my last gig was as frontman of SETH (playing with MARDUK, etc.)

I don’t think I’ll do it again. I’m not playing a role : that’s me I try to include on the words, the breaths I give. I can’t do that in front of a public even if I would love to meet all those who like our band.

What can you tell us about the forthcoming album from Ad Inferna?

“Opus 7 : Elevation” is our 7th album and will be released the 26th of May 2014 on Advoxya Records. We’re really proud of this album, you know. We decided to create a “one track” album composed of  12th Themes. This is innovative and very conceptual. And we let our “black metal” roots come back on some parts. This album can please the metal fans, the gothic or electro ones. There are so many different atmospheres, it’s so hard for me to describe it. It’s dark, grandiloquent, orchestral, extreme and romanesque.

For the occasion, we  have invited vocal guest as Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth), Melissa Ferlaak (Plague Of Stars, Aesma Daeva, Visions Of Atlantis), Kassandra Novell (Eve’s Apple), Sanna Salou (Dimlight), Grace Meridian (Shield Of Wings). Morfeus (ex-MAYHEM, ex-LIMBONIC ART, DIMENSION F3H) joined the team to play guitar parts on the track “InVisible”.

Thanks for the interview! Last words…

Thanx André for the interview. We invite your readers to come and listen to “Opus 7 : Elevation”. I’m sure, they won’t be disappointed !

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