INTERVIEW: Eternal Deformity

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EngWe interviewd Przemysław Kajnat from Eternal Deformity. Playing a consistent and brilliant sound the band shows evolution in every step they take with music.

If you love good music, you have to listen them.

01 – First of all, tell us, how everything began?

 It has begun in 1993. Aro (git) and Ryba (dr) came up with an idea of starting the band because they were pretty bored with just drinking cheap wine and doing noting at all. Besides they were under huge influence of bands like Paradise Lost and Anathema. First ED album sound like Gothic by Paradise Lost so that fascination was kinda obvious.

155147_147134038671378_6707045_n02 – What are your influences?

As I mentioned, at the beginning band members were interested in gothic metal. Then as we were changing as people our music taste have changed as well. Right now every one of us is into different thing. Maybe that’s why our music isn’t that typical?

03 – You have a long road, with records since 1994 (Forgotten Distant Time demo), what changed in Eternal Deformity since then?

We recorded 6 albums. I wouldn’t use the word demo describing FDT. It’s a full album although released only on cassette as the 2nd one Nothing Lasts Forever was. Good old times. What’s changed? I think the way we do things right now. First of all there is no presure. We do what we want and for no matter how long and every one of us is free to make this music his own by adding some bits to it. This kind of freedom is very important to us.

04 – In 2012 you released the excellent “The Beauty of Chaos”, how was the acceptance of this album?

Reviews were quite ok. Some people were saying Frozen Circus was much better some said Beauty is the best so far. The thing is you can’t really pleased every single person out there. You just have to do what is best for you and hope others will like it too.

05 – Exist some concept behind the album “The Beauty of Chaos”? Something do you want to tell?

Chaos is the concept because Chaos is beautiful. Chaos is everything and nothing and our lifes are more or less meaningless.

06 – “The Beauty of Chaos” is one of my favorite releases from 2012, can you tell us about your composition process?

Thanx a lot. It’s quite complicated in our case. Guys are preparing all the music and I’m responsible for vocals and lyrics. It’s like that cos I don’t live in Poland. Besides we don’t release albums very often as we are extremely busy with our lives.

07 – We are in internet era, where everything can be download for free and in an easy way. What do you think about it? What is the band’s positions?

Personally I have nothing against that. Albums are really expensive nowadays and only few can afford to buy few a month. Most of us buy albums occasionally and only those they have already listened to. I buy vinyls now and I do that cos I’m a collector, for me it’s a pure pleasure :-)Anyway if you are thinking about band’s promotion internet comes as the most powerfull tool now and there is no doubt about it.

08 – Poland has some great bands and the most part I know are extreme metal (death, black, thrash, etc), how is the Poland metal scene?

It looks really good and bad at the same time. Apart from huge polish bands, I don’t need to mention their names, all the rest struggle at lot with almost everything. Money is of course the biggest problem.

09 – What are the future plans to Eternal Deformity?

We are also working on the new album which we would like to record this year. That is the plan. We will see what’s gonna happen in the future.


10 – Are you all musicians or do you have another job and the band is something you do parallel from your lives?

If you are not famous and well known you have to have a job. At the moment none of us is unemployed which is great for our families and for Eternal Deformity of course.

11 – Do you have already received an invitation to play here, in South America?

Unfortunatelly not 🙁 I know there is a polish band (not that famous here) that visits your country quite regularly. It’s called Besatt. They play black metal so I guess black metal is really popular in South America.

12 – Thanks for the interview, now the space is yours, to say something to the fans and GroundCast readers. Best regards.

First of all I’m sorry it took me ages to answer your questions. I’m a busy man but that still doesn’t justify why it took me so long. Besides that I know there are milions bands out there however, I would like to encourage GroundCast readers to check our facebook page, like our profile and listen to our music 🙂 Thanks for the interview Fernando. Saludos!!!!


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