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EngComing from France, Grorr plays a Prog Death Metal with unique characteristics. With lots of influences the band creates atmospheres around yout songs, it makes them become one inside a captivating and emotional context. Anthill is a master piece for the people that love music.

grorr-anthillGroundCast – To warm up, tell us, how everything started?

I knowed Gaël since many years but we lose touch after college.  A day, he called me and he suggested to found a band… Grorr was born. For ou rfirst gig (only Gaël and me, playing with a beatbox) Yoann offered to play bass. And a year after, Yoann found Jeremy while talking with his father who is a tabbaconist… And then, 3 keyboardist succeded at each other in Grorr. We hope we’ve found the good one!

GroundCast – What are your influences?

Meshuggah, Gojira, Tool, Devin Tonsend and apart from that, we listen a lot of type of music  : world music, orchestral music, scores etc…

GroundCast – What the name “Grorr” means for the band?

Grorr doesn’t mean anything. It’s a simple word, easy to remember, and when you hear our name, you know what kind of music we play. And, even if our music is serious, our name shows that there’s always ironic things behind our music.

GroundCast – You have an album from 2011 (Pravda) and an album from last year (Anthill), what changed in the band (musically)since the creation ‘till the last release?

When we composed Pravda, the aim was to play dynamic and loud songs. When we start the composition of Anhill, we tried to go 396161_10152447876130179_565817985_nover that. We intend to narrate a story with our music. I supposed that is getting close to what we want to ear.

GroundCast – The album Anthill is divided in four parts, what is the concept behind the album?

It’s about  the whole story of the Anthill from the awakening at Spring days, through expansion wars, till the end in a Revolution as winter’s coming. It a song of 45 minutes notched in 4 parts witch can be repeated as an endless loop.  We didn’t conclued the story to let the listener imagin what he wants…

GroundCast – Grorr is different of everything I heard, is something unique and great, the album Anthill will be my favorite for years and years, everytime I listen I can see something new there, how is your composition process?

We’re pleased that you enjoyed this album! Before composing an ymusic, we have wrote the story. We notched it in 4 parts, and this parts, in 13 scenes. Afterwards, we tried to associate some themes and instruments with characters and situations. And then, we composed the music on this frame. We employed traditional instruments reinforce the story.

530812_10152447882810179_1542086435_nGroundCast – You made a video-clip for the song “We-Legion”, have some plans to new video-clips? Listen the song only audio and with the video gives me different interpretations for the same thing, what the video represents to Grorr?

At the begening, we wanted to create a film with the whole album, but it was too expensive and too complicate… We entrusted the project to Mederic Grandet, and he worked four month on this clip. He added is own view on « We-legion », and that why we choose him ! As an example, he added the red smoke and he refused to tell us what the meaning is… He aim that everybody imagine what he wants…

GroundCast – Do you have some project or band that would like to share with us?

We often play with two bands form our city. Their music are really different from ours, but you should listen to them: Yurakane  and Dawn of Justice.

GroundCast – We know that a band normally is something parallel, do you live with music (directly or indirectly)? And if you have other jobs, how do you manage the time to band, family, job and fun?

We absolustly not live with music. All money we earn with Grorr is invested in mixing…  We pay for all the rest : practices, trips, promotion…. Grorr is a very challenging project witch need a lots of time. We work for it on all our free time. Fortunately, our families understand…

GroundCast – How are the future plans for the band?

We’re ending the composition of our next album, and I hope we’ll talk about it together. We  also try to organize some tours, and734306_10152447881330179_1961607217_n then, we’re form the new grorr’s keyboardist, Sylvain Kansara.

GroundCast – We are in internet era, where everything can be download, what is your position about it? Do you think that is it the future to share the music?

I think we’re in a tansition period… Sharing music is good thing to be discovered by new listeners. Today, buying an album is a militant act to support bands. It’s no longer a normal consumption act. But, recording and organize tours are expensive, then, selling some music is a necessary. Therefore, I think it’s normal to continue to sell with a reasonable price and to share a part of our music.

GroundCast – We have lots of bands borning and dying everyday, here in Brazil, sometimes I thing we stop in time, because every band here wants to be Sepultura or Krisiun. How do you manage the band to swing against the tide?

We no longer think about it… When we released Anthill, a lot of people told us that “Anthill” is too complicate, starts too slowly,  that we should compose a more efficient music with a more classical sound. Some of then told us that we’ll never compose an album better than this… We’ve been afraid of all these comments… So, we decided to don’t bother it, and to compose  the music that we want to play with all our qualities and capacities. This interview reassure me : it means that someone who leaves at 10 000km from us had listened and appreciated our music. It’s the only important thing.

GroundCast – Thanks for your time, now this space is to you say something to our readers.

Support all bands you like, share this pleasure, and stay opened !


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