INTERVIEW: Riti Occulti

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From Italy, Riti Occulti brings us a different sound and atmosphere, if you like of Doom Metal you really need to listen them. See below the interview that GroundCast did with the band.

GroundCast – To warm up, tell us, how everything started?

Ivano: Well, Riti Occulti at the start was a duo of pure stoner, only an effected bass and drums. Niccolò (the bassman ) had to sing, but we looked like the Electric wizard without guitars. We decided that we needed another kind of voice, something that drifted us away from the classic stoner doom. The death metal voice of Serena was the right solution, through her we known Elisabetta, immediatly we fell in love of her lyrical voice, so we decided to put in to the project two kind of vocals completely different, an angel and a demon that sing in the same song. Meanwhile we known the man who recorded our first album, Luciano. he helped us to put the sinthesizers in to the project, but at this point we needed someone who played sinthesizers in the band… the lucky one was Sara.

GroundCast – What are your influences?

Serena: We are influenced by Doom metal, Black metal, Occult and Mistery… no one band  in particular. We listen every day different styles of music and every member put his style in his instrument.

GroundCast – Riti Occulti has no presence of guitar, how appeared the idea of haven’t a guitar in the songs?

Ivano: we wanted a different sound from the other bands. what is that any rock band has? An electric guitar!

GroundCast – You released an album last year (self-titled), how was the acceptance of the material?

Serena: Our first album was really appreciated.  It’s  a kind of doom with black metal elements and without the guitars results a bit innovative.. A lot of people liked our first album

GroundCast – Exist some concept behind the album?

Serena: Using Niccolò’s words, the concept behind the first album is “the history of a modern man that descends into the abyss, through the nihilistic annihilation of himself and forced self-destruction, in order to be born again into a new spiritual being, following the point of view of the Left Hand Path.”

GroundCast – In the facebook page you posted the song “Aurum” from your upcoming album “SECTA”, what can we expect from this release?

Ivano: new album is completly different from the first. the sound is cleanest than before, it’s an album more comprehensive, more digestible. it’s a concept album that talks about alchemy. we are really proud about this new work, and for us this is already enough.

GroundCast – Do you have some project or band that would like to share with us?

Serena: everyone of us have some other project in different styles: I’ve a main band called Vidharr and a doom band called Consummatum Est, Sara plays with Eyelessight and help me with the live show of Vidharr. Ivano play guitar and compose music in a rock band for now in construction

GroundCast – We know that a band normally is something parallel, do you live with music (directly or indirectly)? And if you have other jobs, how do you manage the time to band, family, job and fun?

Ivano: Nobody of us work with music, we have simple lifes, with friendships, loves, families, troubles and regular jobs, music is just something more that we manage in the free time.

GroundCast – How are the future plans for the band?

Ivano: Play live and grows as much as we can.

GroundCast – We are in internet era, where everything can be download, what is your position about it? Do you think that is it the future to share the music?

Ivano: yes, we think that the world is losing quality of sound through mp3 and it’s also losing the ritual of buying a cd or even a vinyl but we don’t take position about this because we do the same. the bands in this times have to share them music to make themselves known to the masses, the real fan will buy the cd anyway, and then they have to play live concerts as much as they can to gain money and maybe live with music.

GroundCast – We have lots of bands borning and dying everyday, here in Brazil, sometimes I thing we stop in time, because every band here wants to be Sepultura or Krisiun. How do you manage the band to swing against the tide?

Ivano: it’s simple for us to come against the tide, the chosen of our sound is our strongest weapon. we trust in the people’s desire of hearing something different.

GroundCast – Thanks for your time, now this space is to you say something to our readers.

Ivano: thanks for reading and keep on rockin!
Serena: thank you and .. Follow us!

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