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    WocconEnglishWoccon is a Melodic demise/Doom metallic band, for lovers of sunlight hours Dies. From, GA, Woccon is exhibiting a really perfect sound, filled with emotions. Withe a demo (via Ancestral Time), a Single (Solitary power) and an EP (The Wither Fields), Woccon shows why need to be listened, with a competent and mature sound. We did an interview with Tim Rowland, hope you adore and share

    GroundCast – To heat up, tell us, how the whole thing started?

    Tim Rowland: It commenced after a break up of some other band me and Tiler had been in collectively. We at the start began with the theory of writing blackened dying steel with ecologically themed lyrics. That’s when I wrote our first demo, via Ancestral Fires. I wrote any other four track demo that we began to document in an instant after the preliminary one and that’s when I decided this wasn’t the course i needed to move in. via stylistic deliberation as well as going thru a rough spot in my lifestyles i began writing in a extra melodic emotional sound that we’re at these days. It simply came to me naturally and it truly clicked. We have been going to alter the band identify to The Wither Fields because of the drastic change in sound and lyrics and drop Woccon, but that’s clearly not how it became out. The songs I wrote on the transition become our first EP, The Wither Fields, and we made up our minds to keep the band identify as a result of we felt it wasn’t a cliche metallic name. The Wither Fields was written and recorded in a very short period of time. something like two weeks. We sent it out to a couple of labels and acquired a tight amount of choices and then signed to Deathbound data out of Canada.

    WocconTheWitherFieldsGroundCast – What are your influences?

    TR: once I wrote the EP the poor expertise I was once going thru used to be more of an affect than any band. i wanted to capture that vitality and translate it into something inventive. As for musical influence i’d say we’re all influenced by bands like Opeth, Katatonia, sunlight hours Dies, Porcupine Tree, Rapture, et cetera or even movie composers corresponding to James Horner and Howard Shore.

    GroundCast – you employ the name Woccon, from the place did you are taking the title?

    TR: well after we first started we were attempting to find a reputation that held relation to one thing anthropological in addition to something on the subject of residence. Woccon was the title of a small tribe and language of a gaggle of  native american citizens that existed a couple centuries ago along the east coast. They were a part of the eastern Siouan family. We simply liked the identify because it was form of ambiguous and it had a nice balance to it, in addition to being a lifeless name. Me, being a image clothier, knew the name would change into a in reality cool brand. That pretty much sums it up.

    GroundCast – you’ve got an EP launched this 12 months(26th March to be particular), how used to be the acceptance of the material?

    TR: It was very well obtained by means of critics and fans alike. The evaluations were consistently excessive and we garnered quite a lot of positive feedback. I’m more than glad with the way it became out.

    GroundCast – you are from the identical usa of daylight hours Dies (and plays the same style), but you might have your own sonority, what is excellent, how is your composition process?

    TR: smartly as I mentioned ahead of we’re more influenced through raw emotion. That’s our driver. crucial thing in our process is to capture a definite concept and translate it in the easiest way we know how. Writing in a somber and sorrowful style actually appears as though there’s a limiteless pool of suggestion to draw from. It’s very actual to us. What the scene sounds like at the time is just not even something I remotely believe. As for the technical side of the method it frequently starts with me recording riffs and harmonies on my pc and building from that. We even use guitar pro tabbing software to trade ideas. Most of the whole thing is perfected and fully written sooner than even getting into a room collectively to sharpen the edges. How the process used to be during The Wither Fields era was once me doing the whole thing fully. Now I’m pushing my band mates to get extra concerned and it’s turning out great. As for the lyrics it’s extra of a non-public factor. I more or less fall into my previous and reflect.

    GroundCast – Do you have some undertaking that would like to share with us?

    TR: well rather then doing a little guest work for various bands then no. Woccon is just about what my entire center of attention is on at the moment. I’ve been trying to begin a depressing acoustic mission for some time now but who knows. It’ll probably just contain itself into Woccon one way or the other.

    GroundCast – we all know that a band normally is one thing parallel, do you reside with track (in an instant or not directly)? And you probably have other jobs, how do you manage the time to band, household, job and enjoyable?

    TR: we all have jobs and payments to pay. I work within the culinary world, Sam works in bodily therapy, Tiler is involved with the automobile business and i don’t in reality understand what Kellen does. haha I mean our steadiness with work, family, track and fun is precisely that. We simply find time for the whole lot, although we almost definitely lean extra against enjoyable than anything else. drinking and video video games could be a huge distraction.

    GroundCast – How are the longer term plans for the band?

    TR: at this time we’re working on a new full size that’s sounding nice and we’re hoping for it to be launched early in 2014. After that we’re hoping to hit the street and tour as a lot as we will. as opposed to that, I don’t be aware of what the future holds rather then what i would like it to be, which in some instances will also be very formidable.

    GroundCast – we are in web technology, the place the whole thing can also be download, what is your position about it? Do you think that is it the longer term to share the track?

    TR: i think the current age of tune will also be both really useful and unlucky. As for me I don’t care both approach as long as people hear the track and spread the phrase. enthusiasts can reinforce a band in many different ways. in case you’re gonna download an album free of charge, then buy a shirt in the event you love that band. no one makes cash from album gross sales anymore anyhow.

    GroundCast – we have now lots of bands borning and loss of life everyday, here in Brazil, every so often I thing we stop in time, as a result of each band right here wants to be Sepultura or Krisiun. How do you manage the band to swing in opposition to the tide?

    WocconBandaTR: It boils down to we play what we want. I imagine too many musicians and bands want to sound like their heroes and lose track of what individuality means. The tune scene is so over saturated it’s onerous to hear a just right band after they’re being drowned by means of the hordes of rip offs. although with time those few bands emerge and leave an enduring influence. I imply in the us there are such a large amount of bands who wish to play metalcore, deathcore, and now djent. it is ridiculous how tendencies come and go and evolve then die again. I’d like to suppose we’re pushing in opposition to the grain for American metal and we don’t care. I’d even go as far as to say that in time I’d like for Woccon to transform more difficult and harder to be in comparison with other bands or to even be categorised as a doom band. If there’s anything else I hate, it’s creative problem.

    GroundCast – Thanks on your time, now this space is to you say one thing to our readers.

    TR: thanks for the interview. For the lovers now we have already gathered, I’d prefer to thanks on your make stronger and sure feedback and we hope that you simply continue to show make stronger through our long musical experience and unfold the word as so much as that you could. we can only hope to be around for a very long time to come. for many who haven’t heard us, hear and judge for yourselves if it’s one thing worth your time and give a boost to. We hope to see you all on the highway sooner or later.

    pay attention the music “Our Ashes” below and should you like, support the band.