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REVIEW: Aethernaeum – Naturmystik


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Coming from Germany, Aethernaeum presentes us with the second studio record called Naturmystik. In the same way of the previous release the lyrics are in German. Inspired by poetry, literature and nature the band brings a well-defined sound with it own characteristics since the first release.

Naturmystik is an evolution from the previous release “Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald”, what we see here is a more mature band with the ideas way more defined.

The CD has a bit more than one hour in its own musical travel, the band creates a Strong atmosphere through the songs, its something that sounds like Aethernaeum and I can say that they found the way to make the things. The obscure atmosphere captivates and I am one hundred percent sure that the lovers of the style will NEED this release. I remember when I listened “Wanderungen durch den Demmerwald”, I had that sensation of something more, something to complete what I listened and now I have my answer, Naturmystik fills this black hole.

The harmony of the instruments is clear and precise, the atmospheric to black metal goes through a way that doesn’t sound boring, stupid or annoying, it is definitely a step forward in the band’s carreer and I hope that this is just the beginning.

I hope to listen from them soon.

Line up:
Alexander Paul Blake – vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards
Marco Eckstein – guitar
Motte – guitar
Markus Freitag – cello
Hendrik Wodynski – drums

Aethernaeum-Cover01. Die Stimme der Wildnis
02. Heimreise (Ein Requiem)
03. Umarmung der Einsamkeit
04. Die Waldschamanin
05. Der Baumpercht
06. Jenseits der Mauer des Schweigens
07. Im Zyklus der Jahreszeiten
08. Aus Silberseen
09. Erdenzauber