Black Drop Effect – Injecting Pain (2014)

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Injecting Pain is the debut album from Black Drop Effect, the band comes from Sweden a place that has the tradition of good bands coming from there. They bring elements from Black Metal and walk through an “atmospheric” side that has its own shine. The debut is consistent and show the band’s strength.

We do not know so much about the band, only that has a member (or maybe members) from Waning. We do not know the line-up or what the lyrics talk about, its just music in pure essence. You must be prepared to dive into a musical abyss that probably you will identify yourself and like. The songs drive into the black metal and calm times that exist and unexist at the same time. The harsh black metal vocals and the characteristic black metal drums are a strong point for the songs. The simplicity of each song awakes each song unique, you can listen it together or one by one that they keep good and great.

Only one song has less than 9 minutes and we can see many influences of the genre (black metal), some passages more harsh and fresh, remembering old black metal bands and suddenly it comes to a sonority that pushes to the post-black metal, say that Black Drop Effect is only a black metal band is a huge mistake, they are black metal, but they aren’t black metal. The line that divides the band walk side by side and you can notify it cleary listening the entire album. The Waiting is the high point and The Frost and the Moon gives us a new direction to follow, its something like we dive into a frozen lake and subtly come to the surface by an enormous force.

Injecting Pain is a great debut album and you can listen it lots of times and it keeps surprising you. You will have your own perspective of this great record where each song has its own form and its own essence, you will feel emotions, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes of joy, Injecting Pain brings it to the stage, brings it to the sound.

If you want to listen something new, Black Drop Effect is your band and put the CD in an infinite looping, keep Injecting Pain. Listen, share, enjoy!