REVIEW: Waning – Never Leave an Imprint

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Never Leave in Imprint shows an evolution in Waning’s sound. This EP brings to us four great songs that you definitely have to pay attention. With great moments, the new release will captivates the fans from the beginning to the end.

We start the EP with Derail Me, an aggressive one. I love the lyrics and a part that I really like is: “Among familiar faces/ Yet another day, relives it self an endless repetition, (mundane)/ Same routine everyday, time slowly run out of me/ Gone are all hope/ I no longer have time for me”. The Waning’s lyrics are deep and full of meanings. The first song is really great and opens the EP with dignity and honour.

In Closure we feel a different energy, but its still Waning. Its aggression showed in a different way, a way that punches you in the face and throws you back to reality. The song remains a constant line, without decay the melody or let “holes” in itself.

At the Peak of Indifference is the next, with some cadence, it enjoys the ears. The lyrics are an important reflection about the attitudes we have with the other human beings, its not only becauses and whys, but about “Why should I help?”. For me the most important period in the song is at 1:46, a melodic riff with an emotion that drags you into the melody, for me the riff describes the song itself, because its simple and impacts with the meaning of the song.

To end we have Do Not Make a Sound. It gives a great ending to the EP, ends it with dignity and strength. It’s a conclusion, but at the same time it gives you doubts about the things. The end of a circle to start a new one. The song has some variations that keep it on the rails and make you enjoy more and more. Its beautiful.

Never Leave an Imprint is a great evolution in Waning’s carreer, the EP shows lots of consistent parts and musical maturity. It’s an evolution of Feeding the Fragments and I hope the band keeps evolving itself more and more and more. I am anxious for the next release.

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