Golden Apes: Interview with singer Peer Lebrecht

Golden Apes

Golden Apes is a German gothic rock band and one of the vital easiest bands of the genre lately. formed via Peer Lebrecht, Eric Bahrs, Christian Lebrecht, Dirk Wildenhues, Joe Finck and Gunter Buchau, with strong influences from bands just like the cure, joy Division, The Psychedelic Furs, Nick Cave and Bauhaus. The singer Peer Lebrecht gave an interview to GroundCast.

GROUNDCAST: it is a nice honor to interview you for the GroundCast. For many individuals in Brazil the band is unknown. Please tell us a bit of about the story of the band.

PEER LEBRECHT: easy methods to inform slightly of a narrative, that’s so long with the aid of this time? k i’m going to attempt to summarize somewhat. it all started in 1998, when the band had it´s first “reliable” rehearsal. We began as a trio (Christian [Bass], Eric [Guitar] and me (Vocals & Keys]) after quitting and leaving different musical bands and projects. The musical liaison labored very well from the beginning, in order that lets release our first output handiest a few months later. to start with of the year 2000 we recorded and unveiled our debut album “Stigma three:am”, adopted by means of new band individuals, a whole lot of displays and further songwritings. Seven years and three albums later we signed our first document take care of somewhat company in Russia, what enabled us to tour through Finland and a small part of the giant Russia. In 2010 we launched “Denying The Towers Our phrases Are Falling From…”, our most successful album thus far, what shall we introduce on the smartly-identified Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig (Germany) and a number of European international locations, like Austria, Switzerland and Czech. And 2012 noticed the release of our ultimate document, named “rise up”, what made us spending the ultimate months on tour…
So, that was once the shortest biography I´ve ever delivered. Hope it served the aim!

pic1GROUNDCAST: about the band identify, Golden Apes, what does it mean?
PEER LEBRECHT: The title was taken from one in all our earlier songs, to seek out on our debut album. it is borrowed from Friedrich Nietzch’s “And accordingly spoke Zarathustra”. within the e book´s preamble Zarathustra is accusing the human of being extra ape-like than even the ape, simply an evolutionary paltriness and misreading, however simultaneously the human (with his simple-hearted and blind haughtiness) is sure of being the crown of evolution, all but the gold of introduction. This dualistic misapprehension, paired with some misantrophic irony is the story at the back of the name. even though it was a track title first, i noticed while writing the albums lyrics, that a variety of Nietzsche’s philosophy discovered it can be method into the phrases and between the lines and so we made up our minds to make use of it as a reputation for the band too.

GROUNDCAST: What are your influences?
PEER LEBRECHT: it’s always exhausting to outline all of the roots and influences our song absorbed and internalized, particularly when our musical passions are so completely different and intensive. Let me name bands just like the treatment, joy Division, The Psychedelic Furs, Nick Cave and Bauhaus we loved after we started to make music. And even supposing we by no means intended to sound like that artist or that band i am sure you will in finding plenty of hues and costs of these “icons” in our songs. however which is simplest the “dark” facet, there are numerous influences a ways past those style-bands. Gunter, our keyboardplayer loves the track of Erik Satie as an example, or Claude Debussy (each are french piano players from the Romantik and the Moderne.), meanwhile our drummer has it´s roots deep in the punk and jazz track. so that you see there’s loads that´s splashing on the canvas!

GROUNDCAST: you have got played alongside large names of gothic scene, as Cinema abnormal, Ikon, Clan of Xymox, The Crüxshadow etc. could you inform us how used to be to play alongside such bands.
PEER LEBRECHT: after all it can be always exciting and honouring to play with “nice” names, particularly if you end up an enormous fan of their work. So it used to be with and in addition The trees, which influenced our guitarplayer Dirk very much or red Turns Blue, which I beloved for years. And it´s all the time an excellent experience to comprehend how “standard” and all the way down to earth those artists are. rarely we had this “We-are-higher-and-more-outstanding-than-you”-state of affairs, principally we had been all a few guys having fun and taking part in the others exhibit. Cinema ordinary as an example are one of the vital most pleasant people on this planet! So like the Spritual entrance we had the joy to fortify a few weeks ago.

GROUNDCAST: How do you see the goth scene as of late, on this planet?
PEER LEBRECHT: now not certain if i will be able to decide this so globally! most often you see only the outside, the big names on magazines or headlining the popular fairs and this view changed into a little bit boring over the past years. in response to the altering of the musical industry (caused by the internet and the peoples listening habits) the document corporations and plenty of organizers are keeping off the chance of assisting smaller bands and freshmen, trusting within the recognized names, what harms the number of types and range of recent impulses.
You handiest have to try the billings of the largest Goth fairs here in Germany and you will see, that more than a half of the artists are an identical. That leads to a commodification, what (that´s the irony!) makes these bands transform stale for the scene (which used to be and is all the time pleased with originating from the underground.) however there is an actual underground, which may be very energetic. plenty of bands with idealistic and artistic claims, who dare to enter unknown stylistic territory, unaffected with the aid of commerce and profit. And looking round i feel, tat this part of the scene is more alive than ever. A fact I´m very satisfied about!

GROUNDCAST: In Brazil many individuals take the German scene as a tremendous reference for goth motion, together with some idealizations concerning the bands, personalities, media press etc. could you tell us about this scene?
PEER LEBRECHT: fact is, that the Goth scene here in Germany is without doubt one of the greatest and most energetic around the globe. From that benefits the circumstance, that goth music isn’t that “outsider”-style as in other nations. Many golf equipment prepare concerts and events and numerous the cultural factors have been adapted by way of other branches, like type, art and movie. but this cultural integration makes the scene more vulnerable to the above mentioned commercial an infection! i feel Germany has the largest number of scene related print magazines on the planet, however what’s the use when the featured artists are at all times the same? i feel the “seen” scene has misplaced somewhat of it’s origins, the neighborhood to it´s own roots and in many ways this will result in a secession, as came about with that ineffable cybergoth-motion! but as I already mentioned, i am no longer certain if i will decide this…

GROUNDCAST: The goth scene in South america is passing for a massive exchange, the place a considerable number of bands had been doing shows here as Diary of goals, The Frozen Autumn, Clan of Xymox and so on. Would you like to play right here in Brazil?
PEER LEBRECHT: evidently! To be honest we get various requests from nations like Mexico or Brazil, however the issue is: how one can finance this? we’ve not acquired this sort of large record company, that would pay the costs and expenses. we’ve to pay all with the aid of ourself and the actual fact, that we’re six guys would not make it more straightforward! however possibly in the future we can make that happen…

GROUNDCAST: while you have been working in production from the earlier album, “Denying The Towers Our words Are Falling From…”, Sven Wolff depart the band. Did it intrude within the band’s recording?pic2
PEER LEBRECHT: in fact! truthfully it was a shock when he revelead his plans to leave the band! no longer simplest from the human facet (he was once part of the band for about 10 years in the end!), but additionally from the temporal one. because he confided his choice just a few weeks earlier than we needed to enter the studio. All songs of the album have been already written and we have been about to record them and all at once an instrument was missing! This brought about the fact, that I needed to play some of the keyboardtracks on my own, in a more spartan model than needed.
and naturally Sven Wolff was the owner of the studio we had been recording! however it used to be a excellent cooperation in spite of everything, however it was a distinction to work with a member of the band or an “outsider”! We were´t in the same boat anymore – and that used to be a atypical situation.

GROUNDCAST: nonetheless on “Denying The Towers Our words Are Falling From”, its tracks are implausible as “The Mark Of Cain / And From This coronary heart it will rise …”, “tune Of Innocence”, “The Silence (That I call Speech)”, “Taming The Dream”. I learn many feedback acclaiming it as the most effective releases of the end of the closing decade. How is the feeling about this?
PEER LEBRECHT: nice in fact! it can be one thing that makes you so proud and happy. I imply “Denying…” took us about three years, which have been costly in blood, sweat and tears and so it is one thing to be glad with your self and the work you might have performed, but it is any other for those who see that the folks available in the market appreciate it through supplying you with eulogistic echoes and benevolent feedbacks. And this is the actual reward – the sensation and the understanding that you’re understood!

GROUNDCAST: in this 12 months you released the brand new album, “revolt”, what may you inform us about it? What can we expect?
PEER LEBRECHT: In my thoughts “rebel” is our most vital and bold file so far. it’s an album, that grew in a period, that used to be marked with the aid of a lot of changes and variations in virtually every components of our lifes. Deaths and birthes got here along, losses and gainings, valedictions and reunions. And now not most effective we replaced almost 1/2 of the band with new faces, however we additionally changed our report label, the producer and the position and methods of the recording. viewed on this mild “rise up” marks an finish and a beginning equally, the ultimate level of a chapter and the primary letter of a new one. And i believe which you could hear that restlessness, that exciting search for new definitions and guidelines. After a very long time “insurrection” used to be the first album we weren’t certain about it´s ultimate sound and mood, curious about the route it will take. We found plenty of new views by trial and error and tried lot of experimental stuff in the studio. For the vocal recordings we appoint slightly home far far from the town, deep in the us of a for cleaning heads and hearts and we spent plenty of time with speaking and enjoyable. It was once a very stress-free atmosphere and an appetizing expertise, combined with an actual just right time stuffed with creativity and unity. It felt a bit of like doing our first album then…and essentially it was once exactly what we’ve finished!

GROUNDCAST: How is the CD’s distribution in the Europe?
PEER LEBRECHT: Afmusic is an awfully small label with a center of attention on obtain distribution (like iTunes, Amazon etc., but it surely used to be wonderful to understand, that you’ll discover our album even within the greatest stores on the town! So we’re more than happy with the work our label is doing and who knows where it is going to lead to!

GROUNDCAST: nowadays it’s inevitable to make that kind of question. What do you take into consideration mp3 sharing files on internet? Does this truth keep the bands? In international locations like Brazil, CDs of underground bands is hard to acquire, after they arrive, they value three or four instances its unique worth.
PEER LEBRECHT: which is an actual tough query. From that place the band is located now it is more essential that our track s discovering it’s way to those that wanna take heed to it. we don’t usher in some huge cash with it and so I have no downside with free downloads. I f individuals want to have our tune i am satisfied once they give you the option to get it, especially in nations where its arduous to obtain such song. nevertheless it’s my non-public view and i am no longer dependent on the money like professional musicians, so i am no longer an ethical authority if so!

pic3GROUNDCAST: What bands are you listening for the time being? What do you suggest?
PEER LEBRECHT: within the second i am paying attention to the new David Bowie single, that used to be released nowadays (to my great joy!). aside from that my current passion is instrumental song, ambient and postrock. Bands like Hammock, The July Skies, Helios or The Sight beneath are excessive in number on my participant these days. but also the brand new albums from Rome, The foreign resort, Silent Scream and Scofferlane are amongst them. And for some nostalgic moments there s all the time a pinch of joy Division, Bauhaus and Psychedelic Furs in reserve.

GROUNDCAST: have you learnt any Brazilian band?
PEER LEBRECHT: in fact! As fortuitously as it sounds, however I personal that 2009 compilation “Substance” with plenty of nice bands and songs with the exception of the popular ones just like the Knutz , Scarlet Leaves or Plastic Noir. Bells of Soul, Days Are Nights, Alle Sterne Sterben or The Silent birthday celebration – it appears to be a stunning and thrilling creativity there over the wild and extensive ocean!

GROUNDCAST: Thanks for interview. And now, that is your area to go away a message to our readers.
PEER LEBRECHT: The pleasure was once on my side! So I wanna thank and greet all readers of GroundCast and that i wanna categorical my gratitude to all of you, who supported us thus far through liking our music. And as I promised above – sooner or later we´ll expectantly have the chance to play for you live on stage!

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