INTERVIEW: All I Could Bleed

EngSliderAllICouldGround­Cast: So, to warm up, would like to know where and when everything started?

 Polina Psycheya: First I want to say sorry for my English, because I’m Russian Viking))

So, it’s started in two thousand four year when two old friends had decided to play death metal, I mean our guitarists Alex and Max.

Ground­Cast: What are your influences?

Polina Psycheya: In those years the largest wave was by Children of Bodom, certainly they had an impact in the beginning. Should I list all the masterminds? I think not. But for me personally it always was Rammstein as first.

Ground­Cast: Now is “easiest to see” female singers in brutal bands, your acceptance as this kind of style was always good or do you had some type of prejudice and do you already had some problem with fans or they were always respectful?

Polina2Polina Psycheya: I have never held auditions and was not looking for a band, I literally ” was seen in the crowd,” even without knowing what kind of music I listen to, and who I am. It’s a fate) Of course, my appearance is one of the trump cards, but why not? I walked along the path, which lay by my heart since childhood, and I’ll never back down. My fans are my brothers, they always understand and support me

Ground­Cast: In 2011 you released the album “Burying the Past”, how was the acceptance of the material?

Polina Psycheya: We released our album with a little help from obscurity label, they helped us to send copies around the world, only because this our music began to sound for our foreign fans. You know, to go global for Chelyabinsk musicians (you have no idea where it is) – it’s something unreal. But we did it first.

Ground­Cast: Exist some concept behind the album? Something do you want to tell?

Polina Psycheya: For “burying of the past,” we did not have the concept, cuz same songs were written in the different times before I come in band. In fact that I hid deep inside my poetry is known only for me, don’t even try to look. But surface I touched the world history and philosophy of life and death.

Ground­Cast: How is the composition process? How do you make the magic begins?

Polina Psycheya: I don’t know, it just…comes. In dreams, after the experience, after we saw pain of the Earth, and so on. It is important to catch this thread faster and say about it in music.

Ground­Cast: Someday do you had fear to be compared or even the people say that you could be a copy of Angela Gossow? (I personally prefer your vocal)

Polina Psycheya: Thank you! To be honest, it’s make me sick! Why no one don’t compare me with Chuck Schuldiner for example? He is just was not blond, that’s all. I didn’t know about the existence of Angela as long as many people had been start to write me about her. Well, we are absolutely different people.

Ground­Cast: You have great bands and musicians there, I can take at my mind now, you, Arkona, Butterfly Temple, Tvangest and Semmuth. How is the Russian Metal scene? I always see lots of experimental bands coming from there.

Polina Psycheya: In Russia everything is very bad with heavy music, we have to “survive”. You must be not just a talented, you need to working harder every day and “play for Europe”, it’s the only way you can be somebody. There’s a lot of metal bands, but you may be never hear about them. And we were fortunate that we were supported by fans from around the world, thanks to them. And special thanks to our manager Francisco!

 Ground­Cast: Nor­mally, musi­ci­ans have a job and the music is a paral­lel “job”, does it hap­pen with you? Do you live with yourPolina music or you have another job?

Polina Psycheya: Yeah, sure, we all have a “normal job”, I’m designer and athlete, Alex has it’s own music school, Max is working on the railroad, Ivan and Vitaly play in bars, Sergey has as many as four of the work. But we plan to work in band only of course.

Ground­Cast: We are living in internet era, where everyone can download everything for free, we have both sides, some bands that agree with this and some that disagree, what do you think about it?

Polina Psycheya: There will always be lovers of music that will be buying CDs, going to concerts. Thanks to the Internet you can communicate with fans and find new audiences. It is a moot question, yes, but the Internet will not disappear, and we need to adapt to it

 Ground­Cast: What are the plans to the band? Release something new, can we expect surprises?

Polina Psycheya: Our main plan is tour in August, release our new single “Debris of Earth” and a video from recording, as well as … you’re said secrets? Then let rest remain secret.

Ground­Cast: Well, thanks for your time lady, is a great ple­a­sure to make an inter­view with you, now, this space is for you, to say something to GroundCast’s rea­ders and for your fans from Brazil.

Polina Psycheya: Hey, I’m not a lady, hahaha. So, I want to thank you, our audience, our manager and the rest of my band, of course. I will be proud to see you in August during the tour. Stay true to your mind, stay metal,  always look for forces in yourself and we will inspire you on your way.