SUICIDE COMMANDO: Interview with Johan Van Roy

The SUICIDE COMMANDO is among the most a hit and revered tasks from the darkish-electro scene in the world. With memorable albums as crucial Stage (1994), Axis Of Evil (2003), Bind, Torture, Kill (2006) and others, also serves as an affect to many other initiatives in the identical row extra aggressive. The mastermind of the undertaking, Johan Van Roy, has given us this glorious interview beneath.

GROUNDCAST it is the first time for a Brazilian site interview the mind at the back of the SUICIDE COMMANDO, Johan Van Roy. to start this interview, I want to ask you about your starting as an electronic musician. who are your inspirations?

JOHAN For that we have already got to move method again in time, to the early and mid-eighties to be precise. I began making song back in 1986 beneath the identify SUICIDE COMMANDO, impressed by means of bands like entrance 242, KLINIK, SKINNY pet, FAD system …


JOHAN sure, that you may imagine SUICIDE COMMANDO as my first “real” undertaking. ahead of SUICIDE COMMANDO, I did play some bass guitar and did some works with others, but nothing serious.

GROUNDCAST SUICIDE COMMANDO has began in 1986, collectively the classical EBM bands like entrance 242, A split 2d, DIE KRUPPS and so forth. The sonority of the first demos is close to than the “previous-faculty EBM”, with a change to Electro-Industrial in works after the demos. Why did you come to a decision to change the musical path of the venture?

JOHAN For me it was just a natural evolution and next step. It extra had to do with the restricted equipment I used within the early days, the longer SUICIDE COMMANDO existed, the more equipment I may come up with the money for and purchase, so the more possibilities I received. due to this fact, i suppose it was more a query of cash as in these days buying a synthesizer or a sampler still break the bank.

GROUNDCAST The last SUICIDE COMMANDO’s releases are extra dancefloor oriented, less heavy and less “harsh”. Is there any cause to do it?

JOHAN i don’t suppose they may be less heavy or harsh, however they sure are totally different from the older works. For me just the pure subsequent step in my profession. I all the time did and could do my own factor, so I by no means had to make any compromise. however maybe the outcome sounds different at the moment, but the way of working and the spirit at the back of the track nonetheless is similar as in my outdated days. Bands like KLINIK or front 242 will always remain an immense affect to me even if you do not hear it within the end result.

GROUNDCAST In an interview, I learn you’re influenced through the KLINIK, but I believe your track totally different, with extra energy and energy. How do you outline your track?

JOHAN You might be proper about that, i assume the track from KLINIK is more experimental whereas my music is cleaner and dancefloor oriented, however the spirit and fundamentals are somewhat equivalent. i guess we simply have a unique manner of expressing it.

GROUNDCAST Many EBM/Electro-Industrial artists do not like to divide the scene or the identical house with Goths, because they say that the style does now not combine or have family members with anything “dark”. what’s your opinion about it?

JOHAN I grew up in a duration where Goth and electronic tune was once going hand in hand in golf equipment and parties, you simply might play a dismal gothic track and an EBM song immediately after it, but one way or the other this pattern definitely disappeared, as a minimum here in Europe. Now each styles are strictly separated, don’t question me why … even if i am no real Goth fan I enjoyed the diversity of the outdated days, now nearly all track you hear on a membership night time sounds the identical.

GROUNDCAST How do you see the EBM/Electro-industrial scene?

JOHAN well, i’m nonetheless chuffed to be part of it as digital song manner so much to me. I still like the scene of today even though I lack a little bit range in the mean time. i’ve the affect too many bands sound the identical at the moment and that may be a development I do feel sorry about a bit of.

GROUNDCAST in lots of albums, I see many remixes made by using other artists and you remixing many works. Do you love remixing songs? Why?

JOHAN I didn’t do any remixes for somewhat a very long time now if truth be told because of my lack of time. however now I eventually began doing a little remix work again and as an example just finished a remix for FUNKER VOGT.

GROUNDCAST within the album “X.20”, a commemorative compilation, there’s a cover version to “Love Breeds Suicide“, made via ANTHONI J. Why did you put this duvet in the album?

JOHAN simply because this model was once too good not to be used. I actually love Anthoni’s model and now we have been looking to do some more collaborations, but sadly, time did not allow us.

GROUNDCAST With the technological improvement, it’s “more uncomplicated” to record and produce tune, hardware and tool are becoming more obtainable to standard folks. on the other hand, many critics and musicians say it is turning the song negative and repetitive. What do you think about it?

JOHAN i’m now not announcing it’s making the tune negative and repetitive, but it’s a proven fact that we now get a variety of quantity, however sadly, that doesn’t always imply quite a few high quality. So certainly, you get many mediocre and poor releases, however I still believe there is sufficient excellent tune and i am sure the nice music/bands will conquer in spite of everything. It just takes some more looking for the great releases, however they may be nonetheless there.

GROUNDCAST have you ever had any issues because the explicitly of the SUICIDE COMMANDO’s songs issues?

JOHAN happily, i have never had too many issues yet, however it’s certainly now not that straightforward to stroll on this thin line between what’s still allowed and what’s too specific. I do keep in mind that a mom (who got here with her 7 yr outdated daughter to the exhibit) trying to sue us after doing a show at an open-air competition because of the specific and controversial movies we’re showing. but aside from that incident, i must say that we hardly have any issues.

GROUNDCAST What do you consider Anhalt EBM? Do you agree with the rescue of the “oldschool” id?

JOHAN I grew up with the old-fashioned motion, so I still love that sound, however then again i do not like every this slim-minded considering and seeking to put everything into certain boxes and styles … for me there may be simply excellent and bad track, whether it can be called EBM, industrial, harsh electro … there is excellent music in all styles.

GROUNDCAST In 2012, right through the Kinectic competition, the group advert·VER·SARY criticized the sexist topics from the COMBICHRIST and NACHTMAHR. what’s your opinion about it?

JOHAN i can handiest judge for myself, so what different bands do or believe in is not up to me. I do know SUICIDE COMMANDO additionally used to be criticized as a result of our video clip for “Die Motherfucker Die” the place I pull the hairs of some 1/2-naked ladies. Some folks blamed me for being ladies un-pleasant and so forth… it seems that some individuals failed to see the irony of all of it, but all i will be able to say is that i’m some distance from being women un-friendly. Are film makers/administrators criticized for all of the violence they express in their films? I mean, just flip to your tv and also you see violence or sexist subject matters each day, so all is only a reflex of daily reality.

GROUNDCAST it’s now an awfully controversial query: what is your opinion about mp3 sharing? In nations like Brazil is impossible to find any subject matter from works like SUICIDE COMMANDO. I pay attention all the SUICIDE COMMANDO’s songs from internet, like YouTube channels.

JOHAN i feel it can be a knife reducing both ways, on the one hand, mp3 sharing and illegal downloading is for sure decreasing bodily CD gross sales, however however downloading also generally is a promotional instrument for people to find new bands or releases. and that i also understand that individuals in international locations like Brazil (and lots of extra), where our CD’s are as excellent as not possible to search out, will download our music, but then I still suggest downloading it legally from digital shops like iTunes and so on… sadly you now still have plenty of illegal corporations providing mp3’s and nonetheless ask money for it, but in any case the band/artist/author won’t get any money in any respect and that’s the reason not right.

GROUNDCAST In Europe, there’s a giant budget friendly problem in many international locations. How is it impact your work and what’s your opinion about this example?

JOHAN evidently, the affordable concern is hurting us in many ways and has a negative effect on culture (live shows, CD sales …) as smartly. but fortunately, the situation in Belgium is not as unhealthy as in international locations like Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Italy … the place a lot of people acquired unemployed and so on. in fact it is a sad evolution but it by hook or by crook used to be to predict.

GROUNDCAST have you ever identified any Brazilian artists?

JOHAN well, i know REAXXION GUERRILLA after all, and that i used to grasp bands like AGHAST VIEW … previously, but somehow there usually are not that many new bands coming to the horizon in Brazil, at least not that i do know of…

GROUNDCAST Did you obtain any proposal to play in Brazil?

JOHAN yes, and as issues look in the intervening time we eventually might be taking part in in Brazil finish of this or early next 12 months, however nothing is established or concrete but. however fingers crossed that it at last will work out! Our first convey in Mexico remaining 12 months was a tremendous success, so i am really looking forward to play in Brazil as neatly.

GROUNDCAST could you inform us some humorous or bizarre state of affairs with the Suicide Commando’s travelling?

JOHAN Oh, surely weird was once the assault from an area mild engineer at our exhibit in la last yr all the way through our first US tour. now we have had problems with the sound and lights all evening right through our express on the Das Bunker membership, so in my disappointment I in some way blamed the light- and sound engineer for doing a poor job, but it seems that the sunshine engineer couldn’t take this criticism and so he ran on stage and wished to knock me down, however in some way he didn’t hit me right and obtained kicked from stage with the aid of our tour manager and later received crushed up within the crowd with the aid of our enthusiasts. That certainly used to be a loopy factor that never took place to us prior to, and optimistically will never occur again.

GROUNDCAST at the present time you might be one of the vital biggest names of the EBM/Electro-industrial scene. What do you take into accounts this example?

JOHAN of course, it’s flattering and an honor to be named as one of the most biggest names within the EBM/electro scene. when I began making track back in 1986 I by no means may have imagined (now not even in my wildest desires) to develop into one of the major acts in the scene and to share levels with my large heroes like entrance 242, KLINIK, entrance LINE meeting, NITZER EBB, SKINNY pet. i’m happy my tune one way or the other changed into immortal now.

GROUNDCAST neatly, thanks so much for this interview, I asked you so much and, now, it is your space to leave a message to our readers. Let’s go.

JOHAN well, let me first thank all our Brazilian lovers for his or her unending toughen! without your fortify, i’d be nothing, so thanks all!
and of course, I in reality hope we will get this Brazilian show on the map quickly and finally be capable of play in Brazil! that might be some other dream turning into actual.
See you in hell!


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