Ten ridiculous album artworks

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Making an art for a cover is a very complicated thing. The artist need to see album’s theme, artist, colors, logos, drawings or photos, a big work is necessary to make them. But sometimes it is not enough. Check now some disastrous and hilarious covers.

Rudy Ray Moore – The Second Rudy Ray Moore Album – “This Pussy Belongs To Me”


Well, I think this cover needs no comment. Only this.

Lords Of Acid – Pussy


Truly, the joke is good. Take the name literally as well as with this “pussycadt” will certainly make many men feel an immense lust for music.

Boned – Up at the crack


I wonder how seriously should be doing a solo on this guitar …

Whirlwind Heat – Types Of Wood


Seeing the image, unless the woman is adept at unorthodox sexual practices, is clear the intention of the artist …

Picture Me Broken – Wide Awake


The guys making funny faces and a girl with a serious semblant? Something tells me there is something wrong in this story…

Wise Man – First Warning


This band included the presence of Axel “Ironfinger” Ritt, Grave Digger guitarist. I want to understand what was the reason for this shit…

27 North – Strike While the Iron Is Hot


The 80s were prodigious in bad album covers and bands with very “inspired” names. What do you expect from a band named 27 North?

Vice – Made For Pleasure


No buddy, it is not a queer band cover. It is a metal group, like Dokken and Ratt. Exhaling pure testosterone.

Kingpin – Welcome To Bop City


Pay attention to the fact that today a lot of headbangers likes to name scream as gay. Well, this cover, this sexy gaze, this finger in the mouth … pure masculinity.


Manowar – CH 84


Manowar is hors concours, by the covers, the photos, everything, because, after all, is all Manowar.